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Supercharging Your Business

A strategy-first approach to help you be the marketing hero of your business.

Frustrated with marketing?

We can help

We know what it’s like to be a small business doing all the things while not knowing the best way to get all the things done. WE don’t like doing ALL the things, just the things we’re really good at and enjoy.  (That’s why we hired a bookkeeper and tax professional.  We’re strategy and marketing professionals, not IRS translators).


You would love to be doing more of the thing you love to do, and that is not marketing. You also know it is imperative to do marketing consistently to achieve results that help grow your business.


You also know that marketing done well will help more people discover you and get them to engage with you (brand awareness, driving traffic, online engagement, lead generation).

Enter in the Eagle Eye Strategic Marketing team.

We're serious about what we do. About ourselves? Not so much.

We believe in that you can be both strategic and fun while working toward your business goals.  We know the complexities of marketing and all the “things” needed to accomplish your goals.  We’ve helped a lot of business owners like yourself make their efforts easier, effective, and enjoyable.

Do we do that? Yes, yes we do.

What you REALLY want to ask us:

  • Can you do our social media?
  • Can you build a new website?
  • Can you help me plan a new campaign?
  • Can you bring in leads?
  • Can you grow our audience?
  • Can you help us gain market share?
  • Can you help me with signage?
  • Can you deal with the media salespeople?

The answer to all those are “YES!”  We help with everything your marketing strategy needs.  

What clients say

I trust Christy with my life...and marketing. She knows her stuff like no one else and her team has helped me through a brand change seamlessly."
Diana Polsgrove
Since working with Christy and the Eagle Eye team, we have more than doubled online sales - and close to 3x total retail sales. She's made it fun and easy for me without wasting money.
Hal Wagner
Charcoal & More
Christy is our Wonder Woman of marketing! We've experienced more activity in a few months than we have in the last few years. We are on track to exceed pre-pandemic sales. Highly recommend!
Wes Harris

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